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Application of ISSN

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A serial publication, in any medium, issued in successive parts, usually having numerical or chronological designations and intended to be continued with no predetermined end. The ISSN is applicable to the entire population of serials, whether past, present or to be published in the foreseeable future. Serials include periodicals, newspapers, annuals (reports, yearbooks, directories, etc.), the journals, series, memoirs, proceedings, transactions, etc.

The applications of ISSNs for the Macao Polytechnic Institute are assigned by the Library.

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This is a service for members of the Macao Polytechnic Institute.

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Documents Needed

After finalize the manuscript, deign layout and before printing, the applicant should submit:

  1. Hardcopy & softcopy of Cover Page.
  2. Hardcopy & softcopy of Colophon Page.
  3. Hardcopy & softcopy of business or non-profit making community organization registration certificate.
  4. Copy of MPI approval documents.
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Time Required

Processing time for an ISSN application is about 3 months from the date of our receipt of the completed information.

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Legal Deposit Requirements

Applicants are required to send at least 10 copies of each issue on a regular basis for the Library after it is published, in which 8 copies will be sent to the Macao Public Library (according to the Administrative Regulation 10/2008 amended of Decree-law 72/89/M), and for the Library collection.

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Reference Site

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Contact PersonMr. Rex Wu
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