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All academics, students and staff of the Institute can access our Libraries. External patrons aged above 18 are also welcome but a reading card is needed for using the Library. The reading card only entitles its holder to read inside the Library. It does not allow borrowing any library materials. Besides, academics, students and staff of the Institute have the priority access to computers and multimedia equipments.


All bags and backpacks should be placed in the lockers at the entrance.


All books at the stacks are available for library users to read. But, for using special reference and multimedia materials, patrons are welcome to contact the Circulation Counter. After reading, users should leave the books on either the desk or trolley.

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Application for the Library Borrowing Card

Reader Status
Borrowing Card
Reader Card
Condition Application Procedure
Processing Time
(Working Days)
Valid Date
Recent Photo
Photocopy of
Student - Holders of a valid Student ID Card do not need to apply 1
Full-time Staff - Holders of a valid Staff Card do not need to apply
Academic Service Provider - With A Minimal 1 Semester Contract 2 pcs MOP
3 days 3 4
Member of MPIAA - Macao Resident ID Card and MPIAA Member Card Holder 2 pcs ID Card &
MPIAA Member Card
3 days
External Users - 18 Years or Above Macao Resident ID Card Holders 2 pcs ID Card MOP
3 days
- 18 Years or Above 2 pcs ID Card 3 days 5


  1. MPI Students who have matriculated for degree courses or diploma courses.
  2. The deposit is payable by cash, credit cards, crossed-checks, bank drafts, or cashier orders are accepted. Please make the check payable to "Macao Polytechnic Institute". The deposit will be returned to the applicants when they cancel the Library Borrowing Card.
  3. The Library Borrowing Card for the Academic Service Provider will be valid until the last lecture day of a course.
  4. Renew the Card with a new contract.
  5. The Library Reading Card holders should renew their reading cards early in January each year.

Borrowing/Reading Card Application Form

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When checking in or out a library item, users must present to the Circulation Counter a valid Staff Card, Borrowing Card, or Student ID Card. Users should notice that borrowing for friends are not recommended since the users have the full responsibility for all the loan items. All loans may be recalled from users when special needs arise. All dictionaries, encyclopedia, special reference books, periodicals and special collections are reserved for use inside the Library only. Please refer to the Borrowing Privileges section for more information.

Reader StatusQuotaGeneral CollectionMultimedia Collection
LoanReservationLoan PeriodRenewalLoan PeriodRenewal
Full-Time Academic Staff2020907
Academic Service Provider1212907
Administrative Staff101030
Undergraduate Students55211
Graduate Students1515301
External Users (Member of MPIAA)3321
External Users (Borrowing Card)3315
Macau Academic Libraries Alliance Members (Intitutional Card)3315
External Users (Reading Card)

Users may check-out Library material(s) as follows:

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Users must return loan items to the Library on or before the due dates. When returning, users must present to the Circulation Counter a valid Staff Card, Borrowing Card, or Student ID Card for item check-in.

Users may return checked-out item(s) as follows:

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Staff members and students may renew borrowed items on or before the due date if the item is not under reservation (Students may renew item once). Items cannot be renewed if users have overdue items or outstanding charges.

Users may renew checked-out item(s) as follows:

Online Renewal Guide

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Users may reserve checked-out items or items under cataloguing. The Library will inform the user at once when the reserved items are returned to the Library. Users should notice that the reserved items will only be kept for 7 opening days from the available date, and it will be released to the second user on the waiting list. Items cannot be reserved if users have overdue items or outstanding charges.

Users may reserve the checked-out item(s) as follows:

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Users are responsible for returning their loans on or before the due date. An overdue charges calculable immediately from the due date will be charged at the rate of MOP3.00 per day. At the same time, the borrowing privilege will be suspended until all overdue items are returned and all charges are settled. Attempts will be made to send overdue notices to borrowers as soon as possible. Non-receipt of such notices will not be accepted as an excuse for waiving or reducing charges on the overdue items. After having issued three consecutive overdue notices and in the absence of any response from the borrower, the Library will assume the item is lost. The borrower must pay for the items.

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Email Notices

All Library notices will be sent to users via email, including notices about on-hold items that you can pickup and overdue and alert notices. The Library sends these notices as a courtesy only. It is the users' responsibility to check the due dates of all of the loans.

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Lost and Damaged

If the user loses or damages a borrowed item, he or she should immediately report to the Library. At the same time, all library privileges of the borrower will be suspended until all charges are settled. For lost or damaged library items, the borrower is responsible for paying the original price of the item plus 20% service charge per item, and any outstanding overdue charges.

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Cancellation / Clearance Procedure

Academic and administrative staff, graduates, departing students or students on the suspension status must go to the Library to clear their borrowing cards.

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