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Online Renewal Guide

Attention Online Renewals Instruction Guidelines for Renewing Books Online


  • Books borrowed from Library can be renewed online or at the Circulation Counter at or before the due date. The new due date is calculated from the renewal date and not from the original due date.
  • Students may renew the items they've borrowed once.
  • External users are not allowed to renew their loans.
  • All multimedia materials cannot be renewed.
  • All overdue and reserved items cannot be renewed.
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Online Renewals Instruction

  1. Access to Library homepage, click on the "Online Renewal" link.
  2. Enter your NetID and Password, click on "Login".
  3. Selected the desired item(s) for renewal and then press the "Renew Selected" button. If you want to renew all items on the list, click on "Renew All" button.
  4. Note the new due date of the item(s) successfully renewed & record it on the date due panel at the back of the book. Return items that cannot be renewed to the Library.
  5. You can click on the title to check the number of renewals.
  6. Remember to sign off your record after use. Click on "Sign out".
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Guidelines for Renewing Books Online

  • To prevent unsuccessful renewals due to occasional system malfunctioning, renew your books several days before they are due.
  • Always check your library record after performing a remote renewal. Make sure that all books you attempt to renew are properly processed.
  • Always print a copy of your renewed books or record the new due date for each book on the Date Due Slip at the back of the book.
  • Books with the following statuses may not be renewed remotely:
    • Recalled books
    • Reserved books
    • Books that have reached the maximum renewal limit.
  • Keep in mind that outstanding charges and overdue items may prevent you from renewals online.
  • If for any reason a book cannot be renewed remotely, please bring it back to the Library on or before its due date.
  • If remote renewal services are unavailable, try again later or bring the items to the Library to make manual renewals. Therefore, it is important to do renewing prior to the due date.
  • For enquiries, please call 8599-6241/8599-6708.
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