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New e-Textbooks: VitalSource

The MPI Library is pleased to announce the addition of the following e-Textbooks platform:

VitalSource is an eTextbook platform providing access to more than 1 million titles from over 1,000 educational content providers. Currently, MPI Library has access to 2243 eTextbooks of CENGAGE LEARNING which covering subject areas such as :

All titles can be viewed online, downloaded and viewed offline (For details, please refer to the User Guide below).

User Guide
Title List

No.: 005-2019 /Date: 21-01-2019

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Novos Livros Electrônicos em Português Adicionados / New Added Portuguese e-Books

Temos o prazer de anunciar que a Biblioteca do IPM já expandiu a coleção de livros electrônicos em Português que 1236 títulos em diversas áreas do conhecimento estão disponíveis o acesso por "EBSCOhost Ebook Collection" (ver lista dos livros).

We are pleased to announce that MPI Library now has expanded the package of electronic books in Portuguese through our "EBSCOhost eBook Collection" and recently add 1236 titles in various subjects (see title list)

No.: 004-2019 /Date: 18-01-2019

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New Added Nursing e-Books:iG Publishing e-Book Library (IGP)

We are pleased to announce that MPI Library now has expanded the package of ebooks through our iG Publishing e-Book Library (IGP) and recently add 250 titles in nursing area. (see title list)

iG Library is the eBook platform developed by iG Publishing. It provides access to selected collections of eBooks from a wide range of publishers. iG Library allows users to read content via web browsers without installing any proprietary software, and also supports various kinds of devices and operating systems including the iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows.

To check out and download ebooks for offline reading, an iGP Reader App is required to install from Google Play or App Store.

No.: 003-2019 /Date: 09-01-2019

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Library Launches HyRead Kiosk

We are pleased to announce that MPI Library launches HyRead Kiosk to display the HyRead Chinese e-books and e-magazines ordered by Library. Readers just need to scan the QR Code on the screen to borrow e-books/e-magazines and download for offline reading in mobile devices for seven days.

No.: 002-2019 /Date: 08-01-2019

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Library Closed for Public Holidays

Please be informed that the Library will be closed on the following public holidays:

04/02/2019 (MON)Lunar New Year's Eve (afternoon)
05/02/2019 (TUE)Lunar New Year's Day
06/02/2019 (WED)The Second Day of the Lunar New Year
07/02/2019 (THU)The Third Day of the Lunar New Year

No.: 001-2019 /Date: 02-01-2019

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