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23/05/2018New trial Chinese e-databaes: 《中央日報 (1928~2006)》
15/05/2018New trial Chinese e-databaes: 大成故紙堆
09/05/2018Removed e-Database: NAPLEXEasy
04/05/2018Library Closed for Public Holidays
25/04/2018Library Opening Schedule for Summer Holidays
25/04/2018All students expecting to graduate please return all the Library loans immediately
19/04/2018Lam Kan Special Collection will be temporarily closed
09/04/2018Library Closed for Public Holidays
09/04/2018Library will extend the opening hours on Saturday & Sunday during examination period
09/04/2018Library Study Rooms & Study Cubicles will be opened
09/04/2018New trial e-Journals : ACS Publications
27/03/2018New trial Chinese eTextbooks: McGraw-Hill Digital Textbooks
12/03/2018Library Closed for Public Holidays
08/03/2018New trial Chinese e-databaes: 哈佛商業評論全球繁體中文版資料庫
08/03/2018New trial citation database: Web of Science Core Collection文獻索引資料庫系統
05/03/2018New trial e-databaes: Applied Science & Technology Source Ultimate
05/03/2018New trial Chinese e-databaes: 全國報刊索引
13/02/2018New trial Chinese e-databaes: 中國近代報刊庫 - 要刊編
13/02/2018New trial e-databaes: Statista
30/01/2018The Library Automated Book Return is temporarily unavailable
23/01/2018New e-databaes: Archive Unbound: European...
23/01/2018New e-databaes: The Economist Historical Archive
22/01/2018The Library Automated Book Return will be unavailable
22/01/2018The Library website, online services will be unavailable
22/01/2018New trial e-databaes: PressReader
12/01/2018New e-databaes: Picture Post Historical Archive...